Expanding My Horizons – Old Riga Palace

Over the years I've spent a bit of time in northern Europe. And it is time to expand my horizons. Looking at hotels in Riga (Latvia) the old town centre was intriguing. And 2012 is a great time because the dollar has gotten stronger, meaning it goes farther for me.

best hotel in Riga

Searching the travel sites I was able to find by using the keywords hotels in Riga the Old Riga Palace. And what a find it was! Tastefully done and classic European-based layout it's quite comfortable.

One of the things I have always appreciated in my hotel stays in Europe is Europeans get good food. There's an old saying over there which goes: eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor man.

Certainly breakfast at the Old Riga Palace has enjoying breakfast sure to please anyone staying at any of the hotels in Riga. With nearly 100 choices in the area, this place has to go on your short list of choices.

As the Gulf of Riga is just a little Southeast from Stockholm on the other side of the Baltic Sea a summer stay is sure to give long hours of pleasant sun with comfortable temperatures. While enjoying the great weather there is a time of things to see and do in the area. Architecturally the walk around town is fantastic. There is the Town Hall Square, and not far away Discover Latvia as well as the Sun Museum.

Even if you were to pick among other hotels in Riga (although I don't know why you would), taking in St. Peter's Church, (perhaps by going via Rica Bike Tours) makes it easy to see other architectural marvels such as St. John's Church.

History buffs might want to take in The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia or perhaps the Rita Free Tour which can be found at the aforementioned St. Peters Church. Or for something a little bit different try the House of Blackheads.

The common denominator to all the sites I have mentioned is by popular vote not one of them has less than a 4/5 star rating. In fact only a couple were as low as four stars.

While there are a lot of great hotels in Riga I have to admit a particular affinity for getting back to the Old Riga Palace for a great beer at the end of a long day.

I would like to remind those coming across the pond from the United States that when you look at pricing it includes taxes, unlike the surprises so often found in cities with the convention tax, hotel tax, sales tax, and all the other things that go to the bottom line unseen when you are first looking around.

I was so well taken care of at the Old Riga Palace and enjoyed the historic feel I must admit my prejudice, that I am unlikely to pick any place else among the hotels in Riga.

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